Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zenni Optical...

Glasses on the cheap!

So the news, for those who have not heard, I have come to the age where Bifocal glasses have become necessary. 

Now, I am not new to glasses.  I have worn reading glasses for years.  I have always been far sighted and after years of not wearing glasses my ophthalmologist recommended that I just wear my reading glasses full time and don't bother taking them off.  And I usually don't.  However, the result is that I have been wearing my glasses like this for years...

Basically as cheaters on the end of the nose I have that has been broken several times and can balance only there.

Now comes the change.  First, has anyone besides me ever priced out bifocal glasses with progressive lenses?  I managed to find a crappy pair at a crappy place that got crappy reviews from previous customer and still paid $200.00 for them.  I am not sure of the quality but I will provide a detailed review of the glasses when I get them in 10 to 14 days.

Also I have been informed that I need to wear them up on the bridge of the nose that is off kilter and crooked.   Nice...

BTW, my reason for getting glasses from a local source had to do with the fact that these were my first bifocals and I wanted to have face to face support if something is not right.  If nothing else, I wanted a person to look at when they told me that my life was going to suck because I had to wear bifocals and I just needed to get used to that fact.

Flash to Zenni Optical! ( 

I have heard of this source for cheap glasses that were of a relatively good quality.  I have not ordered from them before because I managed to make my glasses last.  Now I wanted to try and see if I can get good lenses and frames from them.  I placed the order this morning and I expect that I will be getting them within the next month.  I will write a review of the lenses and include pictures of me wearing them.

Theses are the frames that I ordered.

The price of these frames with polycarbonate progressive lenses with shipping came to $61.85.  I may need to get them adjusted someplace but at less than 1/3 the cost of the walk in place with the crappy reviews it is worth the risk.

Until I get them I am stuck wearing my old Rec Specs as my last pair have finally gave up the ghost.

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