Thursday, October 7, 2010

Generation X

We are the Cynics...

Trust no one.  Especially if they are in some sort of authority.  In fact, ignore authority if it speaks too loudly.

That is the motto of Generation X.  We have seen respected authority figures become vilified, corrupted and despised.

Politics is what it always was and big business is pushing the influence with money.  That leaves middle class folks like me with no where to turn.  I am coming to the point of not voting because it turns out that when I do vote for someone who says that they will look out for my interests they change their mind because someone, somewhere was able to pull a personal/financial string that made a difference.

We are seeing it today.  I am no longer caring about the ruling class or the wealthy.  They decided that I would not matter anymore and therefore it is time to disengage from their activities as much as possible.  If my activities hurt them financially then I am doing something right.

Case in point:  Target Corporation gave a nice chunk of change to MN Forward.  MN Forward, in turn gave a chunk of political ads to support the campaign of Tom Emmer for Governor of Minnesota.  Emmer is a homophobe who will  balance the budget of Minnesota on the backs of workers and the poor.

As a result, guess who has two thumbs and doesn't shop at Target anymore?  "This Guy!"

This happened back in August 2010.  At the time of this posting they have done nothing of substance to address the issue other than to give the standard non-apology of "If we have offended you, we are sorry," bullshit letter. 

What would get me back to Target?  At this point...  Nothing.  I have figured out that I can live without their sales and deals.  If they are less concerned with doing the next right thing then I am not concerned about the welfare of their business.

Free market monkeys like to say "But you are censoring Target's free speech by not spending money at their business!"  If that is the case, then Damn Right I am Censoring them!  Businesses should be open to political speech but if it interferes with my personal beliefs then I can spend my money elsewhere.  If it puts them out of business then all the better.  Also, free market monkeys need to understand this.  I am free to censor anyone I like.  I am not government nor am I a government entity.  I am a free citizen and therefore I am able to censor anything I like by not supporting it.

But I got off track.

I am a cynic.  I am fully aware of this.  I trust few businesses and even fewer politicians.  I do not trust churches nor do I fully trust the Clergy.  I prefer to work on the merits of one person at a time.  If they do the next right thing and can do it without getting caught up in a bureaucracy of how to do the next right thing then I will do business with them.

Everyone else can pound sand...

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