Monday, October 18, 2010

Would want to join a club...

...that would have you as a member?

It is strictly voluntary but in doing so it has saved millions from desperation and futility.

Dues are whatever you can give and member meetings are frequent.

Coffee is usually a staple at the meetings along with sweets or donuts.

Alcoholism is a disease that requires daily treatment.  Meetings are just a small part of the requirement.  It is also knowing what can trigger a relapse and how to avoid those becomes a daily routine. 

So for example family functions are okay except that there will be a bar available for anyone who would like a drink.  A newly recovering alcoholic may want to have a means of leaving early or not going altogether.  A person further along in their recovery may want to just have a means of leaving early.

In some situations it may be a person who can trigger the urge to drink.  A simple way is to avoid that person in the first place.  Or have someone else who is working the program there with you. 

No one should expect that every situation will be welcoming for a person in recovery.  Making exceptions for those folks is completely up to the hosts involved. 

With that in mind we need to also remember that in many cases there are people who need to keep the alcoholic sick.  It gives an alcoholic enough reason to keep using and gives the co-dependent person the power to maintain control. 

Learning to deal with those people is also a part of recovery. 

That is why we have a club.

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