Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zenni Optical... A Review of Sorts

Since my last post on eyeglasses I received my first pair.  They were from a local shop that had a deal for a pair of progressive bifocal glasses for $139.00.  Add the poly carbonate lenses and the total came to around $195.00. 

About 11 days later they arrived and I F'N HATE THEM!  They do not stay on my face as they are spring loaded and want to bounce off my face.  As my scalp moves they move down my nose and on more than one occasion required me to catch them in mid air as they fell to the ground.  This also happened while I was peering over a balcony and they fell 3 floors to the concrete sidewalk.  They had a mark on them but WTF kids.  Glasses should not do this ever!

So I have been eager awaiting the glasses to arrive.  I had them sent to my office as I was in the middle of the move we had facilitated over the weekend.  They arrived 20 days after they were ordered. 

Here is me with the package:

Here is the case that came in the package:

This is the presentation of the glasses in the case:

And the glasses:

Me wearing the newly acquired glasses...

My overall impressions are this:  HELL YEAH!!!

Zenni Optical made no claims other than I would get the glasses and that they would be what I had ordered.  The lenses appear to be much the same if not better than the other ones.  The fit is a bit better and they do not fall off my face for no apparent reason.

Here was the test that proved the fit:

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  1. You crack my ass up big brother :)

    I'm happy you can see again, and that the glasses are concert and farming proof. Can't wait to headbang with you in the not too distant future :) You're coming for pies on Turkey day right?