Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patterns of Life in the Wake of a Nasty Winter

No room for complacency. 

I have had a pattern going this Winter that has pretty much kept me busy.

Monday - Work at my normal job, then go to my abnormal job until 10pm or so.

Tuesday - Work at my normal job, then get G and do homework with her, get her to Girl Scouts, get her home and fed, then ready for bed.

Wednesday - Drop off G at school, work my normal job, get G from school then after her mother gets home, go to my weekly meeting.  Home by 8:30 or so.

Thursday - Same as Monday only on Thursday

Friday - Work my normal job, then depending on the week I either get G from school and wait for her mother or I get her for the weekend. 

Weekends - Depends on if G is with me or not. 

Intermixed with this is time spent with Carolyn and then working with mushroom stuff down south.

It has been a savior this season as the weather this winter has been Hellish at best.  Lots of cold and tons of snow.  But now the weather is warming up and I am in need to get out and be human again.

Freeing from the schedule a bit is going to be a challenge.  Time with G is sacred and work is important.  Time with Carolyn is also sacred.  I need to figure out a way to make this move in the right direction with very little impact.