Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I generally don't like to swear.  I especially don't like to do it in the presence of my child.  For those that do choose to swear in front of G I have instituted a "fee for cursing"  policy.  $0.25/curse word.  The first one is free and after that each infraction costs a quarter.

G and I have had discussions on what is a curse and what is not a curse.  For example, Damn vs. dam.  One is a curse the other is a barrier designed to hold back water (generally.) 

Bitch in terms of canine references typically is not used but can be defined as such.  We were watching Harry Potter and one of the characters referred to a female dog as a bitch but it was in deference to Harry's mother.  Gray area but still allowable I would think.

Hell has become a bit tricky.  We decided that defined as a place and declaring it as such in the conversation will negate the fee for cursing rule.

Ass is another one.  Defined as a donkey is okay.  Defined as the rear end of an individual is generally considered vulgar and therefore a fee can be applied.

Application of the location rule can be varied but has led to some interesting situations.

During one conversation, Grandpa Jeff blurted out "He can kiss my ass!" then turned to G and said, "It's a place, Honey." 

I may need a ruling about this but after I stop laughing...

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