Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nostalgic Views of days gone by...

I saw a picture of Bob Dylan sitting with a child at a lunch table with what appeared to be a punch top beer can.  My earliest recollections of  beer in cans was of my dad opening a can of beer with a can punch.  For those not familiar with this it was an opener with a bottle opener on one end and a can punch on the other.  You may see these used to open large cans of pineapple juice.

Anyway, this brought me back to a time when you needed tools to enjoy the beverages you desire and Coke came in a glass bottle not the plastics we so love these days.  You needed a bottle opener and every shop and house had a bottle opener mounted just under the kitchen counter.  My favorites were the original coke opener but I also liked the Orange Crush opener.

Orange pop as a kid was the real treat.  A bottle of Orange Crush was given to me to calm me down after a car accident.  A large semi truck was turning out of a gas station that my grandmother was pulling into.  The side of the tractor clipped the bumper of the car and the trailer fell over on top of the car trapping me in the back seat.  I was unharmed but covered in glass and not at all happy about it.  The station attendant opened the pop pop machine and I got my own bottle to enjoy while my grandmother had it out with the driver of the truck.

Punch tops and glass bottles... That is what the world is missing!

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