Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Duds

I hate clothes shopping.  

Always have.

So when I find something I like (in terms of clothes) I will wear it threadbare then use duct tape (or whatever means possible) to extend the life of said item.

I was a devotee of Dickie's brand jeans.  They were cheap and I could find my size at Kaplan Brothers in Minneapolis.  The quality was somewhat questionable but I could wear them out and get another pair quickly and easily.

Enter Duluth Trading Company.  Well before their advertising blitz of "Ballroom Jeans" and "Longtail T-shirts" to cover plumbers butt I was ordering from them.

The first item I purchased from them was a pair of overalls.  They were durable and solved the plumbers butt issue without adding additional length to anything.  There are more than enough pockets to carry everything a guy needs.

My favorite pair of pants that they sell are the Logging Pants.  The extra layer of denim over the front legs makes for a pair of pants that will never wear through.  I have two pair of these and they are what I wear exclusively.  They are worn threadbare but with no holes in knees, pockets or crotches.

However, the denim variety that they had no longer exists.  They do have a "Firehose" version of the pants and I will be getting two pair of these pants to see how I like them and a single pair of the "Ballroom Jeans" to try but nothing beats the Logging Denim Jeans.

As a fact, I have short legs.  For being six feet tall, my legs are 28 inches long.  My 5'6" wife has longer legs.  Therefore the following endorsement is key to making my life easier.

Their Long Tail T-shirts are easily the best shirts I have ever worn.  They are made of a heavier cotton blend and are long enough to cover my butt crack much to the enjoyment of all those dear to me.

I still hate clothes shopping.

Quality clothes makes the task of doing so few and far between.

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