Thursday, March 15, 2012

When the News is Good...

...make sure you are around to enjoy it.

Concepts in reality are an exercise that I do regularly.  Vast quantities of alcohol followed by a 3 week stay in a rehab facility have made me understand several important points. 

Live for today, as yesterday is done and gone and tomorrow won't be here until tomorrow...

Regret and resentments are worthless.  I gave them up and leave them  in the bottle that I no longer open.

Take responsibility for my own life and only my life.  Offer direction and assistance as I chose to and don't feel obligated to assist others.*

When the news is good be present to enjoy it.  When the news is not so good be present anyway.

Yesterday, the news was good.  My step mother has been struggling with cancer.  Her particular variety is a mean nasty bastard that is pretty much lethal.

Yesterday she got another 8 week MRI and assessment from her doctor.  No sign of the cancer/tumor growth.  She is continuing her Chemo treatments as a precaution.  But she is good to go all the way around.

Today is a pretty good day.  I may go do something unexpected just to see what the results are going to be.

*My child is exempt from this rule.  I have to be a parent first and foremost.  Until she is old enough to endure the consequences of a bad decision I must fulfill this parenting requirement.

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